Unity Integration

Our Unity integration is now available for Beta testers, allowing Game Developers to log their Exceptions, Errors and general Structured Logging directly from within Unity to ErrLog.IO

No coding is needed, simply install our Unity Asset, and configure it with your API Key.

Beta Tester Invitation
Interested in helping test our Unity plugin? Join our group via the Discord link below, and we'll give you a full ErrLog.IO account forever just for helping out. It's free and you can use it for other platforms too (C#, JavaScript, etc.)
Join our Discord

How to download?

Currently, our package is only available to Beta testers. Simply join our Discord and we'll send you details.

Once out of Beta, it will be downloadable from both here, and also the official Unity Asset Store.

Direct Download: Direct Download
Via Discord: Discord

How does it work?

The ErrLog.IO package monitors logging messages within Unity, specifically looking for Error and Exception message types. It then gathers details of these messages, and submits them to ErrLog.IO

You can choose which information is sent, including device and system information.

You can also map additional GameObjects to the ErrLog.IO package, and any public variables within those objects will also be logged.

Does the package have any impact on performance?

Whilst there are no errors, there is no performance impact. When an error or exception occurs, the ErrLog.IO package will asynchronously (in the background) send the logs to ErrLog.IO. This will have a small impact on performance for a few frames, but your error itself may cause performance issues too.

ErrLog.IO Unity Inspector Screenshot

How long is data kept for?

Structured Logs are kept for the same period of time as your Errors and Exceptions - based on your selected plan.

How much will the Asset cost when it is available through the Asset Store?

Nothing - the asset will always be free to install from the asset store.

Is source code included?

Absolutely, the full C# source code for the Unity package is included. We welcome any suggestions or improvements too!


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