Upcoming Language Support

People tend to regard Stack Overflow as a site where people copy+paste code.

Well, that's true to a degree, but it's also a fantastic resource for understanding the developer community!


Top Languages

Each year, Stack Overflow conducts a survey of developers, 64000 of them in 2017, to gain insights into the community.

We notice each year that the most popular languages change, so we're basing our roadmap on this change.

Of course, we've released our own favourite languages first (C#, JavaScript, F#, VB) as those are ones we're most familiar with, but in the coming weeks we'll add more and more support.


Stack Overflow's "Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Languages"

Stack Overflow - Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Languages

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So what's next on our list?

We're focusing on C++, PHP, Python and Java next, and then will move down the list of Stack Overflow top languages ones by one.

Check out our roadmap for more specifics.

Oh, and yeah, we copy+pasted that image... :-)

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