ErrLog.IO is now officially live and ready to catch your bugs!

The team at Kutamo are pleased to annouce we've put ErrLog.IO live - our very own error logging and reporting framework.

ErrLog.IO is built by the team behind Kutamo - an online meeting management platform.

We've spent years using various reporting systems, and just wanted something fast, simple and efficient. And cheaper. And so we built our own!

The Inspiration Behind ErrLog.IO

"I'm so tired of digging through logs and cryptic stacktraces to try and the cause of errors, and whilst there are a number of third party tools, they are either expensive, or lacking data that helps.", Matthew Proctor CEO

How ErrLog.IO Works

ErrLog.IO is installed by simply including a single line of JavaScript, or including our Nuget Package into your project.

JavaScript Installation Example

<script async src="{apikey}></script>

.Net Installation Example

Install-Package ErrLog.IO

Logging an Error or Exception

Actually logging is as simple as passing it to ErrLog.IO. This can be performed manually, or by setting up an error handler in your preferred framework.

JavaScript Logging Example


C# Logging

ErrLog.logging.log(...your error...)

Learn More

Check out our Getting Started page for a detailed overview and instructions for JavaScript, C#, VB and F#.


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