Structured Logging

We are excited to announce the launch of our structured logging service.

This allows you to log and store any structured data, not just errors and exceptions. This can be as simple as a name-value pair, or a full object of variables.

ErrLog - Structured Logging

Simple JSON Data Structure

Logs are sent to ErrLog using JSON. So long as it's structured correctly, and pre-defined in our Logging database, we'll accept it, sanitize it and store it.

Example Logging via the Nuget Package

Structured logs are sent via our C#/.Net NUGET package by using the code below.

    ErrLog.settings.apikey = "abcdef1234-1234-abcd-1234-123456789012";
    string json = @"{ ""name"":""hello world"", ""value"":""12345""} ";

Or you can serialize your object using your favourite JSON libary (such as JSON.Net).

Structured Logging Groups

You can now created multiple Structured Logging "Groups", that are collections of data. These can have a variety of fields and field types, with more being added over time.

ErrLog - Structured Logging JSON Example

How long is data kept for?

Structured Logs are kept for the same period of time as your Errors and Exceptions - based on your selected plan.


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