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If you're not sure whether ErrLog.IO is right for you, simply try us out for 14 days. No credit card details are required until you upgrade to a full plan.

A Free Error Logging and Reporting System?

Absolutely. We are all tinkerers, we all have side projects that we dream of becoming unicorns, but more importantly we just have ideas. It's much easier to work on those ideas when you can track your errors, without having to worry about how pay for it.

We're happy to offer anyone, no questions asked, a free account. The only catch is the retention period (48hrs), and you can only set a couple of rules. Oh, and SMS is disabled, as we can't bill you if you're on a free account!

Not for Profit, Charity and Educational Institution Offer

A 50% discount for all ErrLog.IO licenses are available for any qualifying organizations - please Contact Us for more information.

Can't pay by Credit Card?

No problems, just contact us once you've created a trial account, and we can send you an invoice. If you need to submit a purchase order, simply let us know and this can be included on invoices. Payment can then be made via electronic transfer.

Microsoft MVP

We are committed to supporting the community. If you're a Microsoft MVP, simply send us your MVP ID, and we'll send you a 50% discount code for any ErrLog.IO plan.