Free Error Tracking and Reporting For Everyone

ErrLog.IO is available free for anyone who needs a simple method for tracking and reporting errors.

Supporting a wide range of languages, including C#, JavaScript, VB, F# and frameworks such as Xamarin.Forms, ErrLog.IO is a great way to track issues within any project.

Why a free option?

Not every tool or service is perfect for everyone. With this in mind, a free option is a great way for you to try out our service for an extended period of time to see whether it helps in your development processes.

Small Projects

Let's be realistic here - we're all developers. We all love tinkering and building applications, websites, tools and gadgets. Sometimes we just can't justify a small subscription fee (even as low as $12/month!) for a project we might only work on over the weekend, or our summer break.

The free option has a few limitations (namely a shorter data retention period), but is perfect for these sorts of projects. We don't expect you'll flood us with errors all day every day, so this is a great way of keeping track of your errors without obligation or cost.

And of course, if you do flood us with errors all day every day, you probably have a bigger problem than we do!

A Programmer.

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