Sending Errors to Trello
ErrLog.IO can send errors to Trello in the form of a new Trello Card. If you use Trello within your business as a way of tracking bugs, this is a great way to easily and quickly create new cards.
Trello Icon Using the Trello Email-to-Board Settings
Trello offers a simple mechanism to create cards from an email. From within Trello, all you need to do is activate this feature and take a note of the email address they provide.
To get your email address for a board, log in to Trello in the browser and open the board you would like to create cards by email on. Open the Menu in the right sidebar and select "Email-to-board Settings".
From here, you can select where on the board the new card will be created. You can click on the current list name ('None' in the example shown to the right) to change that to a different list.
Learn more at Trello's documentation.
Errlog Icon Creating the ErrLog.IO Integration
Once you have your email address from Trello, simply go to our integrations page, then create a new "Trello Email To Card" integration.
Within the destination field, simply enter the email address from Trello.
The payload field is your Trello card title. You can enter any text here, and use the payload variables shown on the right to insert error-specific values.
We will automatically insert content into your card with details of the bug you have specified.
 Example Payload
The following is an example payload and how it is represented in a trello card.
{logdatamessage} in {methodname} at 
position {lineno}:{colno}
Trello Icon Triggering a Trello Integration
You can build a rule to automatically trigger a Trello card creation event, or alternatively click the Trello icon on your dashboard or within the details of an error.
The Trello option is displayed on the far right hand side of the dashboard entries when Trello integration is enabled.


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