Sending Errors to Slack

Send an error to Slack is a very simple process, and we take advantage of their Incoming WebHooks feature.


Slack Webhook    

Incoming WebHooks

Send data into Slack in real-time.

Incoming Webhooks are a quick way to post your Error messages and Exceptions from ErrLog.IO into a nominated Slack channel.

From within your Slack account, simply visit the Manage Apps page, to create a new custom integration.


Selecting a Slack Channel

Select the channel you want your Error message to go to, and click the Add Incoming Webhook Integration button.

Selecting a Slack Channel


Copy the Webhook URL

Slack will then generate a Webhook URL that you can use with ErrLog.IO. Make a copy of this URL. An example is shown below.

Example Slack Webhook URL


Create a New Integration

Create a new integration, select Slack Webhook as the integration type and then paste the URL into the destination field.

Creating a new Slack Webhook Integration


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