Sending Errors to Slack
Send an error to Slack is a very simple process, and we take advantage of their Incoming WebHooks feature.
Slack Webhook    
Incoming Webhooks
Send data into Slack in real-time.
Incoming Webhooks are a quick way to post your Error messages and Exceptions from ErrLog.IO into a nominated Slack channel.
From within your Slack account, simply visit the Manage Apps page, to create a new custom integration.
Slack Icon Selecting a Slack Channel
Select the channel you want your Error message to go to, and click the Add Incoming Webhook Integration button.
Webhooks Icon Copy the Webhook URL
Slack will then generate a Webhook URL that you can use with ErrLog.IO. Make a copy of this URL. An example is shown below.
 Create a New Integration
Create a new integration, select Slack Webhook as the integration type and then paste the URL into the destination field.


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