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Capture Everything!

ErrLog.IO captures a wide range of code, environmental and client metrics, to help quickly identify the cause of errors.

  • The error itself
  • Full stack trace
  • HTTP Request headers
  • HTTP Querystring and Form data
  • Network information
  • .Net Application collections
  • .Net Session collections
  • Browser details
  • Browser capabilities
  • Local system metrics (CPU, RAM)

Full Stack Trace

Track down the source of your errors and bugs by reviewing your full stack trace without running a debugger.

Example JavaScript Stacktrace



ErrLog.IO Rules & Filters

Rules & Filters

Create actionable rules based on the content in your errors, their frequency and originating locations.

Triggers include:

  • Error source
  • Specific Keywords
  • Stack Trace contents
  • Environmental factors

Rules are used to trigger integrations, such as SMS, Email and Webhook notifications


Simple Installation

Simply install in your .Net application using Nuget:

PM> install-package errlog.io

or by a single line of JavaScript:

<script async src="https://relay.errlog.io/js/v1"></script>

Learn more in our detailed Get Started guide.


Simple Configuration

ErrLog.IO is configured with a simple API Key, as well as a variety of optional parameters for customization and localization.

Slack and Trello Integration

Automatically send your errors to a Slack channel or create a new Trello card.

Integration with Trello


A stack trace diff display

Stack Trace Diffs

Errors are intelligently grouped into instances, showing you a full picture of recurring issues in your application or systems.

ErrLog.IO provides a simple diff viewer to see the differences between instances of the same error, to help identify the root cause.

By stepping through instances, differences are immediately identified and highlighted.